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Here is to a new 2019 - the first post of 2019 - this year I’m feeling different, you know maybe… do I dare to say “old” ?????? But what I really trying to say is, I think that all of my experiences and the past 37 years caught up to me. In a very good way, a very THIS IS IT WAY.

There is no longer fear of failure ( I welcome it - biggest teacher alive) no fears on hiccups on anythings. If I feel I need to do something i do it or if I need to say something I make it heard. I frankly no longer give a crap about peoples opinions. Unless I ask YOU FOR your opinion than you know I treasure it and need it.

My goals are gold, my family is near and as long as we all keep our health I know anything is attainable. So this year my health will be number one or me. In the last couple of years I have been really bad with basic shit: like hey Margarita drink some water, but nooooo I just chug coffee instead- now if you know me, you know that coffee is liquid life for me ( I was a coffee goddess in my past life, you know the one on the Starbucks logo, yeah that one) :) So anyway, regarding water and sanity, I’m going to gear my self this year, for better water consumption, getting my head clear with some weight training ( which I loveeee - another thing about me, love me some muscles)

My whole thing is that I want to bring more value to you, I want to teach you and be there with you throughout the year, showcasing, rooting, showing, designing and inspiring you through your years. Year after year, so yeah for me to do that for a long time, I told myself I gotta take care of my self better. Being in business for yourself that is the most challenging aspect probably, but FOR SURE the most rewarding as well. So here is to my new challenge - to health, to drinking water and to doing it in style baby —->! Chin Chin

much love


Margo and the #OED team


now if i drink water…

its only in a Jeff Leatham Crystal baby


drink your water guys

and stay sexy while doing it :)

Eve harlow: my muse ? or my sister ?

Well actually, she is my sister first and then she's my ultimate muse! She is beautiful, but you know  the kind of beauty that painters got inspired by, the kind of beauty prince fought the dragons for, yes THAT kind of beautiful. And besides she has all these other little things that make her fabulous, like she is smart, and kind and vegan lol and a total artiste! AND probably read every book ever written !!! GAWD!!!

Anyhow, not only that but she is still manages to stay true to her self and be completely humble while doing her thing in Hollywood. She shot movies besides Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Beil, and was in supportive roles in shows like Heroes reborn and The 100.

I could go on but for me, she's my sis, yup, pretty simple lol. I do love to shoot with her though, she is such a Comeleon - she can be scary, pretty and sexy all a the same time, like WTF right?? But yes she can, and maybe that is her super power. While shooting Heroes Reboen in Toronto she was interviewed for the monthly Wedlux E-Magazine - I totally love this article check it out below - and to it attached  the shoot we did with her while she was here. We don’t see each other often but when we do ~ we love creating magic !!! 

You can find the full story here but here are some of the most gorgeous imagery you’l ever see - please let me know  what you think- we have another gorgeouse shoot planned with Eve soon; (yes she’s coming for a visit yayyyyy) and I simply can’t wait!!! Xoxo Margo 

My two loves, #Fashion and #Flowers

Sometimes I ask my self, if I could take one word or one expression and describe my self, what would it be? If my friends & clients  could use one word to describe me, what would they say? If I could choose of word to describe what I love most ( career wise) what would it be?  

After many pondering sessions and data collecting from friends, clients and acquaintances, I come to one consolation:  there are always two words:  Fashion & Flowers. And it is totally not surprising but I had to go round and round to realize why they mean so much to me. 

Fashion: well that is a no brainer - I have loved fashion since I can remember, in high school I was the one to always dress up and copy French Vogue outfits etc... -  now when you think of that think of a 14 year old girl, wearing suspenders, and ripped jeans, and super out there shoes, basically I got inspired by magazine and runways - and executed it as much as I could on my day to day outfits. Now when you are 14, 15  I‘ll be real,  I was a complete outcast and the black sheep in the crowd. But It felt right and I wanted to express my self, so ce la vie, that is who I was and that what I was going to wear, too bad for you. 

As I was growing up I knew I wanted to live in a big city and persu my fashion dream, it was Parsons or Ryerson - well as most of you know - Ryerson it  was for me in the early 2000’s. As a side note, as long as I remember my adult life, I was always trying to do something on the side, I always tried to come up with ways to express my self, my taste, my style, however you want to name it - It always tried to come out. My internal entrepreneur if you wish- I don’t know, I think you kinda grow in to the role, I  always was trying to come out lol - at one point I was importing russian jewelry called Gzhel, it was sold in gifts shops and one of a kind shows. I had a vintage clothing shop on EBay and was selling vintage angora and cashmere sweaters there, at the same time - I gathered some personal shopping  clients, I simply wanted to start something of my own, something  I would be proud of calling my own.

With a diploma in interior design and visual merchandising, a bachelor in fashion and a mom that breathes floral design I guess a future in events might have been a no brainer for the the outsider but to me, I feel like I literally fell into this. I remember I had a classmate in college, and as mentioned above I didn’t know where my path was going to take me and I shared the frustration, she said it’s funny how we don’t want and don’t see the obvious of what we are meant to do. 

She was right.  

Now I know.  

I was was meant to be here, I was meant to do this.   

I create things. I create experiences. I want them to be theatrical  and grand and make you ~FEEL~ 

These are some of my favorote fashion runways that always leave me breathless,what do you think ? Would something like this take your breath away? 

Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you  

xoxo Margo