5 Wedding details that are trending now!

The wedding world is like the fashion world, its constantly changing and growing, and new innovations can always be seen within the details of a wedding. Whether you are a simple bride, or a bride who wants her big day to be the big bang, the details are what can make your special day a very unforgettable memory.

Let’s take a look at what’s HOT in the wedding world right now…

1. A perfectly imperfect look:

The goal is to have a wedding that looks effortlessly beautiful, however still eclectic and stylish. More and more clients want simplistic designs that still pack a punch in beauty. Remember that with perfect execution, minimalistic doesn’t have to mean boring!

2. Dreamy florals:

Florals are back and are dominating the wedding scene. Beautiful big arrangements with greenery and texture are hot this year and work well for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Whether you are having your wedding at a glam hall venue or having a rustic outdoor wedding, floral arrangements are the way to perfectly represent your theme and set the tone.

3. Twinkling candles:

Candles are a great **detail to add romance to any wedding whether its small detailing on tabletops or you go big with a candle-lit aisle to create the WOW-factor. When it’s time to dim the lights and put the spotlight on the bride those candles twinkle and shine and create a striking and dreamy ambiance.

4. White and Gold:

White and gold are trending colors this year and are constantly being used in wedding décor. Its simple, its elegant and its absolutely fabulous! These simplistic colors can make such a bold statement within your décor and your floral arrangements.

5. Bling! Bling! And oh…. MORE BLING!

There is never a moment where you can say there is too much bling. Crystals and sparkles make a statement and glam up your wedding. Bling is the perfect way to astonish your guests for that bride who wants to go big or go home. It can be used within almost any element of your wedding - from centre pieces, to floral arrangements, and of course, on the brides dress and jewelry!

"Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered" -Giorgio Armani

Wedding trends 2016…. So Far!

Seeing as how wedding season is creeping up upon us and spring is a beautiful time of the year we should review some wedding trends! Metallic accessories, Natural elements, pale pinks and lovely floral accessories are just some of the amazing trends that have been shown through 2016 already!

Metallic accessories have been shown as being a staple in homes and as decor of the events that show a need and want for it. Metallic and copper and accents are all the rage and show a great deal of class, elegance and simplicity when used correctly Metallic has been something that people have used in the past but especially this year it is expected to take all new levels of reaching into peoples weddings and events!!

Natural elements have been combined in weddings through the use of outdoor weddings, bring natural object from outside inside (I mean flowers always did this, but this is a whole different level)! the theme of your wedding can be natural themed with trees and animals on your invitations to bringing grass inside to show people how dedicated you are to the theme. This is a nice idea for those people who have alway felt attached to nature and it will help express them through the wedding or event!

Pale pink is always a staple for floral designs and even in decor! It has been a trend for the past couple years because it is just ever so elegant and beautiful to look at and work with. Pale pink doesn't come off as being to feminine (even though pink does not describe femininity) most males do not think of having pink involved in their weddings. The colour is simply amazing and very versatile, a lot of elegant weddings have pulled this colour off within flower arrangements, table settings, decor and so much more!

These are just what is set to be some of the many in trend factors for weddings right now for the season, there is so much to explore and do when planning a wedding you can really take any route you want!


Which season to choose for your wedding?

There are a bunch of different factors to bring into consideration when choosing the season to have your wedding in. It could depend on your favourite season, when you got engaged, what works with your job and work life, when it would be most assessable for guests at your wedding and so much more! There is spring, summer, autumn and winter and everyone has their favourite season within the months and times of year.

It can depend on the time of year and the holiday season that appeals to you or just the weather to help out for that extra beauty you would like. Whatever season you choose make sure that you are going to be happy with it, make sure that it will be your favourite time of year and you will always remember it!

Spring: - Be wary for rain (April showers) - Outdoor wedding season - Lots of beautiful blooming flowers - Pastel weddings are popular! - Garden Venues are amazing!!
- flowers crowns (perfect and soo cute!!)

Summer: - outdoor weddings are great! (beware of bugs and heat) - Low back or off the shoulder gowns are very popular for this time of the year - sandals and strapped heals are great! - Food trucks are so cute, and late night snacks with bonfires and snacks! - wildflowers are very in, even in the bouquet - short bridesmaids dresses add to the summer feel!

Winter: - winter is different in every country, either your winters are cold or warm a winter wedding is always beautiful! - Dark colours are amazing contrasts with the grey and white tones of the season - snow makes for great wedding photos (even though it may be cold!) - you can fit a holiday theme (Christmas is always a great time!!) - comfort food is always well received in this weather - warm drinks (hot chocolate bar, Coffee, Tea, Ect.) - Candles and dreamy lighting to add to the warmth of the venue or just the general warmth within the room!

Autumn: - great time to get married, the weather is not to cold and not to warm! (perfect!!) - darker colours are nice at this time, berries and greys are very nice! - Lace is amazing in any season, but a long sleeved lace dress is perfect for this season! - gold and cooper with leaves are great for centrepieces - outdoor weddings are amazing, the weather is perfect for it! - orange toned colours for Photos are amazing!

Choose what makes you happy!!!


Trend: Fall Weddings

Each season has its own unique beauty to offer to your wedding, and the fall season is no exception. This season’s beautiful but short-lived weather and scenery offer an array of options in venues, dresses and flowers that spring and summer may not be well suited for.


The popular 2015 fall weddings will see monochromatic palettes, elegance and fitting metallic details. And the wedding dresses can be described as being full of elegance with a fairytale-like quirk factor.


However, before we talk about anything else, the most unique thing about a fall wedding (as it should be!) is the beautiful backdrop that the fall foliage provides. An outdoor wedding in the midst of the gorgeous warm golden colours of fall leaves is nothing less than magical. At the beginning of the season, the afternoons and evenings are still warm enough for an outdoor venue and there is nothing like a refreshingly cool autumn breeze.    

Wedding dresses should be tailored for the season as well. The unique weather makes long sleeves a beautiful and practical option and the trends for fall 2015 wedding gowns are beautiful! Off the shoulder gowns, V-necks and feathers were seen on the fall 2015 runway. Intricate lace, laser cut florals and subtly bejewelled bodices and skirts also ruled the runways. 

However, my favourite trend was definitely the dramatic sleeves! Somehow, they fit well with the rustic yet elegant atmosphere of autumn. 

Speaking of the unique atmosphere of fall- it should be brought into the florals and décor of your wedding too! This year the colours for fall will be pared down, earthy and monochromatic. This year’s trend of adding richer tones such as wine and burgundy will look beautiful as accents in a warm toned monochromatic fall wedding. Also, we’re loving the idea of adding metallic- especially gold tones- to the décor (even the cake)! Golden mirrors the fall colours and would go beautifully with rich tones, blush, pastels, white and really pretty much everything else. 

Some fun fall themed décor options to get creative with include pine cones, pumpkins, lanterns, candles and wreaths. Dahlias and antique hydrangeas are popular for fall weddings as well: dahlias go well with the season with their classy, earthy colours and antique hydrangeas come in subtle earth tones. Of course, other flowers trending this year would be beautiful as well: such as baby’s breath, pictured below. 

Another particularly delicious (and incidentally our favorite) fall themed idea is to serve treats such as hot cocoa, apple cider, s’mores, candied pecans and other autumn treats to your guests. This would be the perfect final touch to a memorable fall wedding! 

So what do you think? Did we convince you to have a fall wedding? Or at least go to one? 

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Summer Love - Shirin & Brian

Romance met glamour last Sunday to celebrate the marriage of Shirin and Brian. Merging Persian and Scottish heritage, the LUXE team chose a soft, romantic colour palette of dusty rose and pastels perched in traditional silver jugs. The wedding was such a personal and touching experience. Coming from different backgrounds, the ceremony involved both their cultures of Persian and Scottish. We helped decorate the sofreh table, which was of cultural significant to Shirin's family. Hydrangeas and roses were settled in many silver ornaments across the head table and dining room. These silver components were from a collection of Brian's family. Mirrors were an important aspect of the decor because it symbolised the good fortune ahead.

For this wedding, LUXE provided the decor direction and supplies, and all the florals. Below are some behind the scene shots of the event. Professional photos coming soon! To see some images of the bride & groom, we have professional photos on our Facebook page. Stunning couple they are!

To Shirin and Brian, it was such a pleasure to be apart of your special day.