Designer Profile: Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad is a designer that is all around amazing, he not only is an amazing bridal designer but his ready to wear and couture collections are outstanding as well! He started designing in 1997, starting small and building a private client group first! Although he had always been interested in designing, as a child he recalled never letting a pen leave his hand because he always wanted to draw and explore designs! Zuhair showed his first couture designs at Haute Couture week in Paris in 2001, this gave him international coverage and more media spreading!! In 2005 Zuhair designed and showed his first ready to wear collection, it was to further expand his client base, the designs were simple yet aesthetically glamorous.

In 2012 Zuhair Murad moved his fashion house to an 11 story building in Gemmayze, in the hear of Beirut, this is not only offices but also houses some key designers, pattern makers, tailors and embroidery experts. In 2014 he finally incorporated the bridal section into his fashion house, this is where the wedding gowns are sold and displayed. Now bringing us to 2015 he has another office in Paris, that screams his style!!

The 2017 bridal collection caught my eye when I was looking through designers, the collection is stunning and has a ton of character! The lace and embroidery work on these are amazing and shows the skill of this brand! The colours are classic and amazing with the pearly white and off white. Truly amazing and a great idea of whats to come in 2017 bridal!


Table Settings!!

At a wedding or event you have to figure out the vibe and theme of the wedding before you actually get ahead and start to make decisions about the table settings. Table setting is one of the last things you think about when planning a wedding because it is a small detail in the whole scheme of things!

A table setting is that small detail in a wedding or event that can and will be perfect because it is what people look at for the day or night, while sitting at the reception. The perfect combination between cutlery, and the china and then accompanied with the florals and the candles, everything is just so beautiful!

The table setting is something that you will remember for a long time, it needs to be just right! The perfect table setting will set you apart from a standard wedding table or event table setting, with all the utensils in the right areas and all the decor combining correctly! Everything will just be perfect!

Pairing the perfect table setting with flowers or candles, even a little bling sometimes can be all it takes to bring your table from drab to fab!! Adding tool or the simplest touches is what makes the overall setting of the table and makes it adhere to the same standard as the rest of the wedding or event.

No matter what theme you have chosen for your wedding or event, make sure all aspects adhere to that theme, if the theme is more of an outdoors type of wedding or event, make sure the table setting has some greenery on it or ad touches of nature within the table through the florals or the settings within plates.

Anything can be perfect for a certain individual, it all depends on how ,much you are willing to work at it and think about it!


Floral Bouquets

Exploring they type of bouquet you can have at your wedding may be the creative and interesting aspect you have been looking for. Trying to decided weather or not you should stick with traditional round bouquet or do a pageant style, or maybe even cascading, the decision is all up to you!

Round bouquet: This bouquet is simple and elegant, known as the most traditional of the bouquets for weddings. It can be either a cluster for a dense feel or t cant be a loosely put together bouquet with an airy feel to it. This works well with all wedding dress styles, there is no specific one that it should be paired with. You can put any flower you want in this bouquet because it will turn out the was you specifically would like it.

Pageant bouquets: This is a long stream of flowers that fall on your arm so it is the length of the arm and is held at the bottom. This is most described as modest, but can be turned into an elaborate design with the choice of florals.

Cascading bouquet: This bouquet is considered the most traditional and most formal of the florals, it was designed to spill over the brides hands gracefully and make it look sophisticated and stylized. It is mostly round at the top and narrows as it goes down. any flower can be used in this style.

Nosegay bouquet: This is a compact cluster of florals with the stems wrapped tightly together often with a ribbon at the bottom with the stems. This florals traditionally contain more greenery than other bouquets. This type of bouquet is very popular for bridesmaids florals because they are tighter kept and have a smaller emphasis then others.

Pomander bouquet: Often this bouquet is referred to as the ball or a ball because of its round floral features. This bouquet is suspended from a loop of decorative ribbon on the top and is held from that. The florals are all typically the same size within this. This type of bouquet is most likely seen on flower girls and as ceremony decor.

Posy bouquet: These bouquets are small round in shape and can usually be held in one hand easily. This is chosen to be either the brides or bridesmaids bouquet simply because it can adapt to any flower it could hold in it. This Floral can be loosely constructed and embellished with trim of ribbon that fits your wedding colour just to make the decor match. Flowers that work amazing in these bouquets are Roses, Gerber’s, Peonies and Tulips.

All of these bouquets are amazing and can be used in so many different ways!! Explore your options!


flowers, nature and everything colourful!

Everyone one knows how lovely a floral arrangment can be and it can add something different to an event; Nature in general has the same effect as floral arrangments. In wedding and event design nature plays a key part in success of the event, it adds life and gives colour.

With natural elements in an event the whole room can light up and come something so much more then what is inside, combining nature and technology is one way to successfully achieve the look, using contrast to your advantage to show all the amazing things both parties have to offer. Showing how nature can be combined in such simple way like within centrepieces and arraignments and hanging pieces, they can show a great deal of detail and how much effort has been put into a certain event. Different forms of nature can effect the feeling of your event; if you have florals and loads of them, they can add colour to your event and show spirit, if you have branches or grass or trees it can possibly show how in tune you are to nature and how you want to incorporate it on your special day!

Having an outdoor wedding is a sure way to incorporate the natural elements within your day! Adding touches of fabrics and sparkle or lights can also incorporate more then just the nature of having a beautiful outdoor wedding, it can supply a lovely touch of indoor feel to a natural setting. Having an outdoor wedding can supply guests with the amazing experience to enjoy your wedding or event and also experience the great outdoors; fresh winds and the smells of the season; I would recommend having an outdoor wedding when the weather is on the warmer side so guests don't freeze and not have a chance to enjoy the event. If the weather seems to be on the verge of rain or any other not so nice weather, just have a back up tent so you can still enjoy the scenery of the beautiful outdoors!


Why You Need an Event Designer

In a previous post we briefly talked about the essential differences between an event designer (us) and an event planner.  Here's a link to that post, in fact: 

By the way, fun fact: if you google search 'why you need an event designer' or something similar, all the engine will come back with is a list of articles and posts explaining why you need an event planner. You'll find next to nothing on event design. 

So let us educate the internet today on the importance of an event designer for your wedding (and other important occasions). 

First of all, flowers are often a very important aspect in weddings- whether you just need bouquets or want to include them in your decor as well. Event designers are often also floral designers and can create professional, artistic floral creations. At Oudalova, floral design is a major aspect of our event designing and we love to create each floral arrangement unique to our client. An event designer's job is solely the visual of your wedding, so we make sure to make it as beautiful an experience as possible. 

The visual display is often not the most important item on an event planner's list; with an event designer you can ensure that your vision for your wedding day will be catered to and realized.

Event Designers have experience and knowledge of creative aesthetics and building cohesive visual themes. This experience allows us to work with our clients in a stress free manner and help them create the right atmosphere and display. We thrive on taking care of and adding details and custom creating to make each event unique.  

Hire us 6 months to a year prior and we'll take care of everything!

Yes, you need to hire designers quite a bit ahead of your scheduled event to give us a sufficient amount of time to take care of every single visual detail in your venue. But once you've hired us, you can remain worry free about your decor and bouquets and spend your valuable time taking care of other wedding related things. Just share your vision with us and sit back! 


Event Designers VS Event Planners

It’s Friday here at Oudalova and we’re gearing up for a fun shoot happening tomorrow (more on that later) but let’s talk about what we do exactly.  As a floral and event design company, our essential goal is to make your space beautiful and unique to you. Whether it be a wedding or photo shoot, our job is to create beautiful décor, set designs, styling, and generally creating the aesthetic for the photos or venue.

And that folks, is where we are different from event planners! 

Event planners deal with the logistics of your wedding day: family relations, timeline, etc. Their main focus is that the day should go smoothly; they may not be involved with the visual display. We focus on making the event space beautiful- beautifully you that is. Our job (and we love our job by the way) is to tell your unique story through stunning décor, flowers, jewels and creative design.

It’s important to distinguish that our job does not end at ordering décor items and flowers for the event. We align our vision with yours, custom make beautiful creations and work on creating a comprehensive brand for your night. We personally source linens, flowers and any other details (such as escort cards, table numbers and cake toppers) that our brides can imagine; creating things by hand is never out of the question either. 

Oudalova’s speciality is floral design. We create bouquets and boutonnieres and by extension create other unique floral creations for the décor. But for us creativity and inspiration does not end at florals. We love working with everything from jewels to fabric and everything in between. 

You can imagine how much work goes into event designing: think sketches, design boards, meetings with our bride, meetings with vendors and sources, creating custom creations etc. Therefore, if you plan on hiring an event designer, make sure to do so at least 6 months to a year prior to the occasion!  

Our primary purpose is to transform your space and create something unique to you and your significant other. 

All Pictures are of past creations by Oudalova and can be found along with more in the Gallery on our website: 


My Week In Pictures

It's been a busy and exciting week folks. Tons of creatives projects with amazing people coming up, so be sure to stay tuned! For now, here's a peek inside what's to come. 

Delicious fruits for decor against stripes makes for quite a luxurious table setting, don't you think? I love edible creations!


Our collaboration with Moroco Chocolat (chocolate lounge and boutique in Toronto) is coming up and they've already started coming up with sweet ideas like this. Excited to let our clients and brides in on this amazing event space and the delicious creations of their chefs!


A little prelude to our part of the Moroco Chocolat collab. Fancy a vintage pot of peonies? 


Speaking of peonies: I present to you my first home grown peony! It's the size of my hand and absolute perfection.


A look at our beautiful gold trees dripping with crystals as styled at Graydon Hall last year. 


Love making designer boards to communicate the mood, inspiration and my vision for an event or styled shoot. This one was for a special shoot we did at Graydon Hall featured Elegant Wedding Magazine's blog! More from that day coming soon!


I also love to sketch out my ideas. These beautiful shades of violet were painted in preparation for Candice and Matt's upcoming wedding at The Manor. Can't wait!


This beautiful image of Eve is a prelude of something special to come with her soon. Stay tuned!


A spotting of Perfect Wedding's latest issue in Kleinfeld as we search for and create looks for an upcoming shoot! Find the spread our stellar team worked on inside!


And finally a fun selfie as we do a walk through for our shoot on site at the Scarborough Bluffs.  

- Margarita x